Among Our Successes

We use Lean Six Sigma, plain language, project management, change management, facilitation, and on-site implementation skills to help our clients achieve their goals. Here are some examples of our success:


Process Improvement:

We helped a federal defense agency:

  • Increase productivity and save costs through process improvements at headquarters and 13 major commands across the globe
  • Do side-by-side comparisons of its accident and injury reporting standards with those required by regulation
  • Document processes related to these reporting standards and assess how performance standards affected them
  • Bring all stakeholders together to agree on recommended accident and injury reporting standards
  • Improve internal Lean Six Sigma capacity by training and mentoring selected personnel
  • Create user-friendly tools to assess and monitor safety and worker’s compensation operations
  • Design innovative approaches that kept cultural challenges from blocking process improvement

We helped a federal civilian agency:

  • Involve stakeholders from different departments in facilitated workshops and working groups that designed process improvements and plans to implement them
  • Implement these process improvement plans successfully and on time
  • Improve efficiency and turnaround time by streamlining 14 administrative processes
  • Document guidelines and create a reference manual for these administrative processes
  • Develop a quality assurance program for the new administrative processes
  • Establish a common process for managing annual grants of $58 billion across multiple agencies 

Plain Language Communication:

We helped a federal defense agency:

  • Improve regulatory compliance and save significant time and costs by developing standardized templates for plain language environmental assessments and related documents
  • Train their professional staff to use the plain language templates effectively
  • Provide plain language awareness training to executive leadership and more than 200 field personnel

We helped a local government:

Launch a government-wide plain language initiative to help them communicate clearly with customers. As part of this work we:

  • Provided plain language training
  • Supported formation and operation of a plain language writers’ network
  • Reviewed the participants’ written products six months after the initial training to assess their progress and need for further support
  • Provided follow-up training sessions after our review of the participants’ written products
  • Consulted with the client on the progress of its plain language program after the follow-up training

We helped a private sector corporate client:

Develop plain language skills to improve the clarity of written information they provide to customers. As part of this work we conducted:

  • Multiple plain language classroom training sessions
  • Innovative webinars